Phil Cannella On the Importance of A Salaried Design Team

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Phil Cannella proudly acknowledges,

Phil Cannella proudly acknowledges the accountability of his Phil Cannella Crash Proof™ system every week at his presentations – he has put into place a Design team which is accountable to the retiree’s interests first and foremost, instead of their own pockets. Phillip J Cannella III has done this by putting in place a salary for the team, instead of basing earnings on the fees typical in traditional Wall St. vehicles.

This changes the incentive, by encouraging the employees to optimize the clients’ portfolios for the success of the clients’ future, and not to select vehicles which benefit the employee. That is the ethos of Phillip J Cannella III’s system; everything at the company is geared towards the goals of the retiree, placing security and results for the retirement account above all.