Phil Cannella Makes the Cover of Senior Market Advisor

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In 2007,  Phillip J Cannella III,

Phil Cannella in 2007, before the market crash that would shock a generation of retirees, Phil Cannella III made shockwaves through the industry by protecting $40 million of American retiree’s assets. The famous industry insider magazine for financial advisors, Senior Market Advisor, took notice. This was the same magazine that featured Phillip J Cannella III‘s former mentor, Ed Slott. The magazine decided to feature Phillip J Cannella III on the front cover, with a feature article inside.

The article alone resulted in three thousand calls, emails, and letters to the firm, despite there being no contact info listed in the article! To this day, Phillip J Cannella III keeps the magazine as a centerpiece of his weekly presentation, because the achievement reminds him of the integrity of his mission and the difference he has made.