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Phil Cannella bases everything,

Phil Cannella bases everything Phil Cannella does off of two core principles – Truth and Logic. The reason these principles are so central to his life is because of a saying from Einstein Phillip J Cannella III once heard. The idea boils down to this – Truth and Logic will revolutionize any deceptive industry. This is because, as Phillip J Cannella III sees it, these values are like a shining light that guides others through the dark and storm seas to the safe shores of safety.

When a person, or group, is truthful and transparent (just like a glass of water), Phillip J Cannella III says that you can fully understand what they are bringing to the table. Only then do you know that you are in the right hands. Likewise, logic orients the focus of the Crash Proof™ system, to be set out in a sensible manner that clearly results in a more robust retirement for the benefactor.