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Phil Cannella Ends Competitors’ Civil Conspiracy

Phil Cannella: Senior Advocate When it comes to standing up for the American retiree, Phil Cannella is in the trenches helping seniors and retirees as they face the daunting task of navigating their retirement during tough and tumultuous financial times. For almost forty years now Phil Cannella has been a senior advocate working with seniors and those in and approaching retirement to shield them from unexpected life tragedies that can have an ill effect on their retirement. He did this first with long term care Read More +

Phil Cannella Takes The Charge To The Next Level

Phil Cannella is always looking to take his work to the next level. His marketing efforts, his Crash Proof Retirement System, and his approach to life as a whole are examples of his willingness to push the envelope and not settle for anything less than the best. This trademark attribute has thrust him into the national spotlight not just as a Retirement Phase Expert, but a man at the forefront of change, bringing new vistas of hope and solution to people in and approaching retirement. Read More +

Phil Cannella Demands Fair Play Among Financial Professionals

Phil Cannella is a leader in the insurance industry. As a leader, he has come under scrutiny not only from regulatory agencies but also those envious of his success. It is a sad commentary on the state of our civilization that fair competition is so hard to find. This is for the simple reason that those who cannot succeed on their own will often resort to underhanded ventures in order to make a gain. In some cases, this means unfairly taking advantage of a competitor. Read More +

Phil Cannella Epitomizes Consumer Advocacy

Phil Cannella has long positioned himself as a true senior advocate. After he recognized that so many insurance and financial professionals lacked the ethics needed to provide a real, long-term value to their clients, he understood that his role in the financial world was to be a consumer advocate first It was not about ‘selling’ financial services; it was about thinking about and looking out for the concerns of people in and approaching retirement and working out ways to help them navigate the turbulent waters Read More +

Phil Cannella Complaints – Phil Cannella Reveals Flaws in America’s Retirement System

Phil Cannella Complaints, Phillip Cannella Complaints, Phil Cannella Lawsuit, Phil Cannella Reviews Phil Cannella says, “Think about the millions of dollars in taxes the government stands to lose if the average investor discovered they could keep their money safe and away from the risk of securities while still growing their accounts.” “There’s a lot of mischief and rule bending in the securities industry it’s a self serving field that operates off the motivation to keep people in the market. Financial advisors don’t make money unless Read More +

Phil Cannella Complaints: Phil Cannella Questions the Then Inspector General, Wrongful Firing of Gary Aguirre – Phil Cannella Complaints

Phil Cannella Complaints Phil Cannella Complaints – Phillip Cannella Complaints: Phil Cannella Complaints, questions the Then Inspector General of the SEC About the Wrongful Firing of Gary Aguirre. Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement Show® investigates the financial industry and provides insightful and useful information for the American retiree. In a recent interview with former Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, H. David Kotz, Phil Cannella unraveled the controversial firing of Gary Aguirre. Phillip Cannella Complaints After being fired from the SEC, Aguirre claimed he had been wrongfully terminated Read More +