Phil Cannella Takes The Charge To The Next Level

Phil Cannella is always looking to take his work to the next level. His marketing efforts, his Crash Proof Retirement System, and his approach to life as a whole are examples of his willingness to push the envelope and not settle for anything less than the best. This trademark attribute has thrust him into the national spotlight not just as a Retirement Phase Expert, but a man at the forefront of change, bringing new vistas of hope and solution to people in and approaching retirement.

A great example of this is his media firm, Retirement Media Inc., that doesn’t follow in the footsteps of mainstream media’s slanted view of the news. Retirement Media Inc., according to Phil Cannella’s very own mission statement, has the obligation of “bringing truth to the American retiree.” Phil has used his media firm as the vehicle through which he has continued to bring indispensable retirement news to those concerned with issues relating to their retirement.

For the past 40 years of his life, Phil Cannella has demonstrated what he has proclaimed himself to be – a senior advocate. He began his career selling, as it was called back then, nursing home insurance, which is known today as Long-Term Care insurance. He did this after seeing the devastating effects the lack of this type of protection could have on an individual and a family when a person close to his own heart, his grandfather, suffered a debilitating stroke that cast him into the need of full-time nursing home care. Not only did this unexpected illness wipe away all of his grandfather’s retirement dreams, it forced Phil’s family to spend their entire savings too.

Phil Cannella saw a need to do something effective to help families similar to his own. He thus launched his career in the very industry that provides just such protection, the insurance industry, and became one of the country’s leading pioneers of long term care insurance.

That is the back story to Crash Proof Retirement. By becoming an expert in the retirement phase of financial planning, Phil Cannella built a system that would Crash Proof an individual’s assets against market losses. Ten years hence, this is exactly what he has accomplished with thousands of consumers. This is what we are talking about when we say that Phil Cannella takes the charge to the next level. He is always pushing the envelope when it comes to better, safer, foolproof ways to protect and grow a consumer’s assets.

It has required Phil Cannella to become a consummate professional in the financial services industry, so that he fully understands and appreciates the different types of financial vehicles out there and uses the right vehicle for each individual in accomplishing their goals for retirement.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials from the thousands of consumers that have come through the doors of Crash Proof Retirement. Each of those consumers expresses their appreciation for the work Phil Cannella has done and the help he provided them in safeguarding their retirement future, their nest eggs.

Phil Cannella keeps his finger on the pulse and has remained on the cutting edge when it comes to advancements in not just the way he works with his clients but all aspects of his professional career.