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Phil Cannella Complaints

Phil Cannella Complaints – Phillip Cannella ComplaintsPhil Cannella Complaints, questions the Then Inspector General of the SEC About the Wrongful Firing of Gary Aguirre. Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement Show® investigates the financial industry and provides insightful and useful information for the American retiree. In a recent interview with former Inspector General of the Securities and Exchange Commission, H. David Kotz, Phil Cannella unraveled the controversial firing of Gary Aguirre.

Phillip Cannella Complaints

After being fired from the SEC, Aguirre claimed he had been wrongfully terminated due to his pursuit of John Mack, who at the time was considered to be untouchable on Wall Street. The SEC later settled with him for a wrongful termination.

Kotz explains the situation to Phil Cannella from his perspective, stating that an investigation was conducted and that there were concerns about the process by which Aguirre was terminated. It was found that a supplemental appraisal had been done for him after he had generally received good positive performance evaluations over time.

Thankfully, this case was taken seriously and justification was the result. Kotz understands the importance of ensuring that the individuals who have the guts to bring in people that have acted wrongfully can feel comfortable doing so without the potential of losing their jobs.

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