Phil Cannella Safeguards Hundreds of Millions of Assets from Market Risk – Phil Cannella News

Phil Cannella protects the assets

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella strives to protect the assets of seniors against market risk. He works tirelessly to educate those in their retired years against losing their nest egg to circumstances outside of their control. Through First Senior Financial Group and utilizing his Crash Proof Retirement System™, Phil Cannella has accomplished what many may consider impossible. He has protected the assets of consumers to the tune of 400 million dollars and put them into the vehicles that provide safety and refuge from the dangers of the stock market.

Phil Cannella keeps clients safe

This is one of the reasons, Phil Cannella views that many in the securities industry are working so hard to prevent his success.

Unlike his peers, Phil Cannella, doesn’t make any ongoing income from fees off of a client’s assets. Phil Cannella put his clients in safety and there isn’t as much money in these safe vehicles as there is if you put your clients money into stocks, mutual funds and other risky investments. At the end of the day, Phil Cannella can be assured his clients wealth won’t ever be taken away from them.

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