Phil Cannella Grandfather’s Influence

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In 1974, a shock rippled through the Phil Cannella

household – Phil Cannellas grandfather had collapsed from a stroke. His grandfather had to be placed in assisted living from then on, leading to a mounting wave of nursing home and medical bills that would threaten to bury the family in a night of endless debt. This had a profound impact on little Phillip J Cannella III. “As my grandfather faded away, he thought that he had left us impoverished, and that stayed with me. I couldn’t understand how someone could work a lifetime and, because of an illness beyond their control, lose it all” Cannella says.

This propelled Phillip J Cannella III to begin his work in nursing home insurance, going door to door to explain to other retirees what had befallen his grandfather. Thereafter, he has spent his life work in service of the memory of his grandfather, and the struggles which devastated him.