Phil Cannella Adds Certainty to Retirees’ Investments

Phil Cannella is at odds with the status quo among financial professionals who believe that a retiree’s assets must be kept at risk in order to provide financial security during retirement. Too many financial advisors, bent on making a fortune through ongoing fees and commissions, keep their clients heavily invested in equities and bonds, with the bond component intended to provide “fixed income.”

US News & World Report recently published an article that highlights the risk retirees’ face with a bond portfolio:

“Investors that require income are faced with a difficult and uncertain environment. I believe fixed income currently is a high-risk, low-return asset class. If bonds are a cornerstone of your portfolio, understand the associated risks so that you can properly position yourself for a rising rate environment. Shorten duration, improve credit quality and don’t reach for yield.”

While Phil Cannella agrees with part of the prior statement in so far as bonds are a risk in any retirees’ portfolio, (especially in a rising interest rate environment,) he correctly points out that there are other solutions out there; ones often not spoken about because they don’t provide for ongoing revenue streams to the agents who offer them.

What Phil Cannella has done, that no one else created before or after him, is create a Crash Proof Retirement System that enables a retiree to have complete principal protection while at the same time, leave open the potential for an income stream that can provide for one’s retirement needs. Phil Cannella’s Crash Proof Retirement System combines exclusive, insurance investment vehicles into an arrangement that provides not just for safety but for the vitally needed for portfolio growth that can stay ahead of inflation.

Phil Cannella explains his Crash proof Retirement System at his educational events that are conducted a few times a month.