Phil Cannella Explains Crash Proof Retirement

Phil Cannella has been a consumer advocate for over 30 years. His advocacy role began when he first entered the insurance profession offering seniors an effective solution to the devastation that can beset a family when a loved one requires long term care but does not have the protection that comes with it.

When the 2001 market crash hit, Phil Cannella saw a need for a new type of investment protection, especially for people in or near retirement, who didn’t have the time to go back to work and rebuild their nest eggs. The stock market crash of 2001 robbed many, many people of large percentages of their hard earned nest-eggs; money they had worked for decades to accumulate. Given Phil Cannella’s experience in the senior market, he began looking for a solution, which he finally found in guaranteed financial investment vehicles based in the life insurance industry that could provide steady growth while protecting from losses during market crashes. This was the beginning of the Crash Proof Retirement System and it is precisely what set a new era into place for the entire retirement financial profession.

When Phil Cannella does something however, he doesn’t take the slow approach. Once he had the basics of the system in place he put the wheels into motion fast so that seniors could take advantage of the solutions with efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time Phil started his radio show program known today as the Crash Proof Retirement Show. As Phil Cannella’s popularity grew, he also expanded his company from a small staff to a huge company, now boasting its world headquarters in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Today hundreds of thousands of people have been educated by Phil Cannella on the benefits of the Crash Proof Retirement System and been helped through his words of wisdom.