Phil Cannella’s Outstanding Philanthropy

Phil Cannella has dedicated his life to helping others. Witness the way he has tirelessly worked as an insurance professional helping seniors across the country protect themselves from the risks of long-term care events impacting their life or market risk destroying their nest eggs.

What speaks even more loudly to Phil Cannella’s character is his philanthropy.  While there are many non-profits Phil Cannella could have chosen to lend his help and financial support to, he chose the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Every year for the last 5 years Phil Cannella has made sizable donations to the hospital amounting to more than a quarter of a million dollars!

Most touching about this is that this hospital is protecting our next generation, the children who will become tomorrow’s leaders. On the one hand Phil Cannella is directly helping those who are at the end of their life cycle and heading into retirement. He is doing so through his exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System where he campaigns and works with seniors day in and day out to protect their assets from market risk.

On the other hand he is making these valuable charitable donations to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where the funding he has provided has helped untold numbers of lives. In fact, Phil Cannella is the top donator to CHOP through WOGL’s annual radiothon.

The accolades and thanks Phil Cannella has received for this humbling act of benevolence cannot speak to the value of what he has done. There are few among us who so selflessly strive to help others at every turn. It is these types of actions that separate the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff. Some talk about doing great things. Others do great things. Phil Cannella is one of them.