Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella in the News: Phil Cannella Incorporates Interviews Into Event

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: For the year 2014, Phil Cannella has decided to not only speak about the Phil Cannella Crash Proof™ vehicles from his own experience, but to introduce the perspectives of third parties through exclusive interviews. Every week at Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Events, Phil Cannella ties together a network of interviews with high ranking officials that illuminates the nature of the traditional market and the current concerns of American retirees. This regularity helps Phil Cannella to refine the presentation to an epitome of perfection.

It is through these interviews that Phil Cannella has been able to paint a more complete picture of the reality facing those looking for a safe investment. These interviews feature the senior-most authorities in their respective fields. They give insights into the latest developments in the market and government that are sure to affect prospective retirees. Phil Cannella is particularly fond of ‘connecting the dots’ by first asking interviewees for their responses to other interviews, and then presenting these connections to audiences every week at the Crash Proof Retirement™ Educational Events.

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