Peace of Mind for Seniors from Phil Cannella

Phil Cannella makes a very good point on his radio show, The Crash Proof Retirement Show, that as an individual or couple enter into retirement (the phase of their life when they are no longer in the work force and no longer in a position to earn a living), that peace of mind is of utmost importance.

The way the stock market plays into this is that it provides absolutely no peace of mind for an investor. One day the markets are up and the next day they are down. And maybe they are up for several days or several weeks or even a few years, but in the last 9 months we saw the economy level off and in the last 3 months we saw the market show signs that it is busting up with all of the major market indices in or approaching correction territory.

This offers no peace of mind. When you are still working, you have the certainty that your job will drive an income to pay the bills. But when you leave the workforce, you lose that certainty and you are left with the uncertainty of social security, the uncertainty of a pension and the uncertainty of the market.

Phil Cannella’s exclusive Crash Proof Retirement System was specifically designed to bring peace of mind back into the retirement picture. By eliminating those elements of undue risk from a portfolio, Phil Cannella conceived of a means to provide for growth while at the same time protect principal completely so that even in any market crash, the nest egg is left intact.

This peace of mind has no price tag to it and is one of the reasons hundreds come to hear Phil Cannella speak at his Crash Proof Retirement events and then come through his doors to continue their education and protect their investments.