Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella’s 13 Tough Questions You Should Ask Your Financial Advisor

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella has said it many times, “retirement planning is an elite field that requires extensive training beyond the ‘one size fits all’ strategies that most ‘financial general practitioners’ use. To keep up with age-favorable IRS and IRA laws, as well as age-appropriate financial vehicles, a career-long financial and time commitment to continuing education is necessary.


Only specialists will know the advantages of utilizing the specially designed financial products that are available to you in retirement.


To determine if your advisor is really looking out for you as a retiree, Phil Cannella suggests asking him or her the following 13 tough questions:


1.    What was the last IRA or IRS law that you learned about?

2.    What specialized classes or education courses have you taken, which apply specifically to retirees?

3.    What percentage of your clientele is in retired years?

4.    Do you know how to set up a Stretch IRA?

5.    How do you stay informed about changes in IRS law that may impact IRAs?

6.    Do you provide access to professional advisors that specialize in IRAs who can offer independent advice?

7.    Will you calculate and distribute my IRA to my beneficiaries over their life expectancy?

8.    Can you handle distributions to multiple beneficiaries?

9.    Are there any important deadlines that my beneficiaries and I must be aware of?

10. Will you accept trust documents for beneficiaries and follow the distribution guidelines of the trust?

11. Will you distribute my IRA proceeds to my designated charities?

12. How will you handle my IRA if my estate is named the beneficiary?

13. Do you have a program to inform my beneficiaries of the choices that they have available after I pass away?


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