Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella Goes to the State Capital

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella, in his search for answers to the dilemma he witnessed with his own family when his grandfather needed nursing home care, went out looking for answers and in his quest for answers went to the state capital to see what could be done to help people, other people, other families who are in the same boat.

As Phil Cannella put it, “Feeling empowered by my frustration, I began to examine just how widespread this lack of planning was among retirees, and if others had experienced what my grandfather and my family had gone through. So I went to my state capital where records and state statistics on healthcare are kept, and did research it for several months. I was both appalled and amazed by my findings. Not only did I find that others – many others, in fact – had similar or even worse tales to tell, but most, if not all of them, were American retirees that had worked a lifetime just like my grandpop.”

As a result of this search for a solution, Phil Cannella recognized that he needed to do something about the situation and recognized that an answer was contained within the insurance industry and this is when Phil Cannella helped pioneer long term care insurance policies that are still used today.