Phillip Cannella Blog: Why Phil Cannella Urges Retirees to Stay Away from General Financial Advisors

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella is on a mission to help American retirees live the dream of retiring comfortably and securely. It has been a life mission of his since he watched devastation take place when his grandpop lost his nest egg. Unfortunately, the majority of American retirees are being advised incorrectly when it comes to the safety of their nest egg, and it’s costing them the money they need to survive.


As Phil Cannella points out, most advisors in our nation are general practitioners of the financial world who dabble in all age groups and an assortment of securities vehicles. This is not what you want as you are entering your golden years. When you are approaching retirement, you want a specialist – someone who specializes in advising retirees.


If you think that going with “conservative” or “safe” investments in your retirement years will offer you safety and tax shelter, you are wrong, and too many financial advisors have got it all wrong. Those strategies are still geared towards accumulating assets during your working years. They simply cannot preserve your nest egg in your retirement years. Phil Cannella teaches that all stocks, bonds and mutual funds are risk accounts, no matter how “safe” they are.


So what is a retiree to do? Start by educating yourself about the alternatives that exist to protect and safely grow your assets. Don’t do it alone, however. Find a qualified retirement specialist who can navigate you through the rough waters of risk to the tranquil waters of safety in your retirement years. You can learn more today by browsing Phil Cannella’s blog: