Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella Learns of The Vast Number of Families Needing Care

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella  looked exhaustively into the situation affecting so many American families where one or another needed some nursing home care or assisted living care. In fact, what Phil Cannella discovered is that every single year, approximately one million seniors who worked a lifetime become impoverished due to poor planning or no planning at all during the retirement phase of their life.

Recognizing this appalling statistic, Phil Cannella was determined to do something about it and so he did. Starting in his early 20s, Phil Cannella went door-to-door offering services to seniors to help them deal with the inevitable; the need for some form of nursing home care or assisted living care. Day-to-day, Phil Cannella went out knocking on doors, earning a living to support his own family thereby.

For Phil Cannella there was a sense of fulfillment in doing this, for it wasn’t just about a means to support his own family, it was a means to help others who were in need or would be in need just as his family was when Phil Cannella’s own grandpop needed nursing home care. Through his efforts, Phil Cannella has touched the hearts of many retirees.