Phil Cannella Questions the Safety of Bonds – Phil Cannella Blog

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella Blog: Phil Cannella challenges the idea that bonds are a completely safe investment. Another one of Phil Cannella’s famous philosophies is this concerning bonds: “Remember Enron?  I know a lot of folks who prefer not to.  This once-thriving blue chip turned scandal carried a substantial number of bonds.  When Enron’s dodgy accounting practices were uncovered, and the company eventually filed for bankruptcy, those bonds became essentially worthless.  This caused employees and investors to lose millions of dollars and, tragically for many, their life savings.  With results like this, you can’t help but call into question the safety of bonds.”

This is another one of the core reasons Phil Cannella says that retirees need to beware of what investment accounts their Advisor puts them into. The last thing a person in retirement needs says Phil Cannella, is his nest egg wiped out because of risky investments.

Phil Cannella urges retirees to turn to financial vehicles that provide real safety so that you can enjoy your golden years as you always wished to. This is the area in which Phil Cannella shines as he demonstrates through his crash proof educational system that there is a way to grow and protect your assets without all the risk associated with risky investments.