Phil Cannella Launches the Crash Proof Retirement Show® – Phil Cannella News

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella is on the air every weekend broadcasting his Crash Proof Retirement Show® across the CBS network. If you tune in on a Saturday morning you can here Phil Cannella discuss his crash proof principals.

The Crash Proof Retirement Show® was not just a fancy gimmick or a means to get some marketing done. It was Phil Cannella’s way of bringing some truth to the American retiree that was otherwise getting no mention on main stream media.

Once Phil Cannella had established himself as a consumer advocate and developed a foolproof way to protect retirement savings, he wondered why more people didn’t know about these Crash Proof™ investments.  As he discovered, the reason was that mainstream media were not reporting on these vehicles.  Instead of reporting on Crash Proof™ investments that are capable of protecting savings in a market crash, the media chose to hype risky investments that claimed the biggest returns. These investments largely favored the mainstream media outlets, all of which are owned by corporations that thrive off of stock market investors.

Phil Cannella won’t let anything, including mainstream media get in his way of bringing truth to the American retiree and thereby providing them with a real solution to the financial predicament that is plaguing our nation.