Phil Cannella Expounds the Value of Roth IRAs

Phil Cannella is a major proponent of Roth IRAs and for good reason. In a traditional IRA you have a partner, (whether you realize it or not) and that partner is the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS owns a share of your IRA retirement account and although currently the IRS may only own the rights to a small portion of your IRA, if and when taxes go up the IRS will get to keep a larger portion or your IRA savings.

One of the other big reasons Phil Cannella is a big supporter of Roth IRA’s is that in a Roth IRA you don’t have to take your required minimum distributions each year, but you can allow your investments to grow over time year in and year out completely tax free.

Understanding all of the benefits of the Roth IRA is just one of the many subjects that Phil Cannella teaches at his exclusive Crash Proof Retirement Events. These are events that are conducted almost every month throughout the Philadelphia region. These educational events are designed to educate retirees in a way that no one else is doing. Here is what one person who attended a recent Crash Proof Retirement event had to say about the education he received from Phil Cannella:

“I learned that mutual funds are a complete rip-off, that I am paying big, big percentages that I shouldn’t be paying. Also that I should immediately convert everything over to Roth IRAs which I’ve been wanting to for years and have been told that’s not a good idea and tomorrow is not soon enough.”

At these exclusive Crash Proof Retirement Educational events, you will be educated by some of the brightest minds in finance, economics, politics and the retirement research area. Some of the people you will hear from include the former Inspector General of the SEC H. David Kotz, and Prof. Andrew Huszar, the man behind the quantitative easing programs.

Through factual documentation and a dynamic presentation at each Crash Proof Educational event, hundreds of people in attendance receive an education that they’ve never gotten before as Phil Cannella lays bare the problems facing retirees and offers real solutions.