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Phil Cannella identified serious flaw

Phil Cannella – Phillip Cannella News: Phil Cannella identified quite a serious flaw in the SEC, one which nails on the head why the organization is inefficient. The question Phil Cannella posed the former inspector general of the SEC is very telling.

Phil Cannella asked why executives come to the SEC

The question Phil Cannella asked is why is it that executives come to the SEC to put regulations in place and then later leave and take positions as executives at the very firms they are putting powerful policies in place to protect people from. It would seem that they do this to show these firms how to navigate around the policies they themselves just put in place.

The answer Phil Cannella got from the former inspector general is even more telling: “I think that’s a concern.  I mean part of it is a situation where if you have experience in SEC related matters you’re generally going to gravitate towards financial entities because that’s where your experience is.  But I do think that there has to be policies and procedures put into place to ensure that information that is learned in the SEC is not then shared with folks outside.

It is this sort of information that Phil Cannella is bringing to the table on a routine basis that provides the American people with the truth.

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