How to Maximize Social Security Benefits

Collecting Social Security and the rules for doing so can be quite complicated, especially since they change often. Unfortunately there will be no increase in benefits in 2016, thanks government, due to not measuring inflation in 2015 to trigger a cost-of-living adjustment and Social Security is running out of funds.


While the future for Social Security is questionable, there are a few tricks and strategies for maximizing your Social Security benefits.


  1. Work for a long time. Obviously this is one of the best ways is to work for a long time. If you put in a full career, at least 35 years, you should be able to maximize your Social Security. If you retire at the “normal” retirement age, (65-66 years-old), you could rack up 35 years at a career even if you didn’t start working on your career until your thirties.
  2. Don’t retire early. If you take advantage of being eligible to take Social Security benefits at age 62, this will in turn minimize your Social Security funds. If you take out your money at 62, the money you will receive will by discounted by 25%, also.
  3. Stay healthy, if at all possible. If you can take care of yourself such as eating right, getting enough exercise, going to the doctors regularly, you can stick around longer in your career to collect your benefits. This will help you continue to collect monthly benefits for the rest of your long, healthy life.

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